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Butterfly nest 4 angular

Butterfly nest 4 angular

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You can research which plants have different butterflies.
The butterflies will instinctively search the house for the scent, lay their eggs which turn into caterpillars which then pupate to become a beautiful butterfly.
The windows help to heat up the house. Normally, butterflies search into cracks and crevices, hence the openings on the side of the nest.
Put the nest in a flower bed or hang it up if necessary. to the south.

  • Weight: 0.7 kg
  • Materials: hard oak, bark


Put a branch that the butterflies like to smell into the house (nettle, lavender or a branch from the butterfly bush). Research which plants attract the different butterflies.
Butterflies will search into the house, lay eggs that become caterpillars, then pupate to become a butterfly. The windows help to heat up the house!
Butterflies instinctively seek into cracks and crevices where they know their enemies can't reach them! Hang the house up to the south! Plant butterfly-attracting perennials and shrubs in your garden!

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